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Subject: Re: [R-M222] MacLennans
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 17:47:55 EDT

In a message dated 4/11/2011 10:23:12 A.M. Central Daylight Time,

Note: Cormac, son of Oirbertaigh is shared with the MacMillan, who appear
just before MacLennan [mislabeled as Lamont]. Suggesting that they are

[There is also:
Cormac son of Oirbertaigh son of Ferchar fada son of Feredach. (stem to
Clan Anrias, MacDuffie)
Cormac son of Orbertaigh son of Ferchar son of Ferchar fada son of
Feredach the white. (stem to Clan Gregor)
Cormac son of Oirbertaigh son of Murdoch son of Ferchar son of Bethach son
of Finlay son of Ferchar fada son of Feredach son of Fergus. (stem to
MacQuarries, MacKinnon)

Bernard, I'd be very careful with these names in the MS. 1450/67. You can
find a lot of the early names in the pedigree in the Irish annals,
especially the Four Masters. And the MS. attempts to link these Scottish tribes
together as mostly descendants of Loarn. You can see the basic pedigrees in
the Shenchus Fer nAlban which are thought to be an appendage to the
earlier material.

But if you try and trace them out there are huge gaps - similar to the
gaps one finds in the McDonald pedigree going back to a known line in the Ui
Meic Carthainn of northern Ireland, which is found in Rawlinson and O'Clery.
Sellar tried to rationalize this gap in the pedigrees by explaining them
as "pointer" pedigrees. And that theory gained broad acceptance until the
McDonalds turned out to be R1a.

I know of nothing that can be used to check the pedigrees except for the
annals. There are only three Scottish pedigrees that I know of in early
Irish collections. The first is the King of Alban (Rawlinson). That follows
the line of Fergus Mor. Then the McDonald and MacSweeney pedigrees which
appear in G2 (c. 1345) and then Lecan and Ballymote. By the time of
MacFirbis and O'Clery (17th century) you can find versions of some of the MS. 1450
pedigrees in those manuscripts. MacFirbis has a pedigree for McCabe
linked to that of the McLeods of Scotland. Also one for Lamont and Maclachlan
of Scotland. Possibly more. I haven't checked.

I think you will find the links in the MS. 1450 are artificial and
clumsily done. But you're welcome to draw your own opinions. At least some of
the Scottish clan societies completely ignore the MS. 1450 although they
certainly know of it. I'm thinking especially of the McGregors, whose
preferred clan history contradicts the MS. 1450.


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