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From: "Don Milligan" <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] New M222 Philogenetic Tree
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 19:25:56 -0700
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Since some folks believe that the Mccords, Mcadams, Amulliganes, and perhaps
Griersons may have originally been Brythonic-speaking, does that present any
ideas, as to who were settled in sw Scotland post/pre Niall?

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Subject: Re: [R-M222] New M222 Philogenetic Tree

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>Subject: Re: [R-M222] New M222 Philogenetic Tree
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>I'm not getting much concrete information from the authors of that M222
>philogenetic chart. This is all they've had to say so far:
>You say: "What we've never been able to do In M222 is establish any
>sub-clade that might be obviously pre or post Nial."
>That's one thing that DOES show up in the tree:
>The Ewings form a subclade distinctly before Nial (1 RCC = about 43.3
>years). The Cowans, Davidsons, Dunbars, Howles, MacAdams, McCords &
>McGonigles (Scottish names all) distinctly after Nial. Just examine the
tree closely.
>The question is what does this mean?

I wonder if the tree would shift slightly had they used a Slaven test result
from someone other than me. I have a mutation (a 13 instead 12 on DYS 439)
in my line, somewhere between me and my ggrandfather. As you'd expect, we
mismatch on three or four at 37 markers with several of the nearby surnames
from the chart-- McLaughlin, Doherty/Daugherty, Cowan. I also find it
interesting that although we don't have any matches with Megonnigils in the
Y-DNA tests, I have matches with them in Family Finder at FTDNA and Relative
Finder at 23andMe.

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