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From: Bernard Morgan <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] McHarg
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 00:40:11 +0000
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Certainly Fergus being M222+ is speculative, however it is the 34% of Kennedys in the Kennedy DNA project that match M222’s halpotype (all have DYS390=25, DYS385ab=11-13 and DYS392=14) raises a question mark?

I personally I had thought that the odd Scottish connection was the result of Anglization of surnames. However I know of only two large Kennedy families and certainly the M222+ are not Dalcassian. The close association of the Kennedys with Fergus (MacDowell as some write) and M222+ McDowells tracing themselves to Galloway re-enforces a belief that it is Galloway that are the source for M222+ Kennedys.

These Kennedys appear as the stewards to Earl Duncan - 1245 Gillescopewyn MacKenedi steward of Carrick and also in Duncan’s company 1223 Gilchrist mac Kennedy
Murdoch MacKenede associated with Colin son of Earl Duncan
1260 Murdoch, Samuel and Henry mac Kenedy were of royal inquest of Earldom of Carrick
First mention of Kennedy is cited as the 1197 Gilbert Mackenede appears alongside Duncan

In 1185 Lachlan mac Uchtred seized the lands of his uncles heir (the future Earl Duncan mac Gilbert), resistance to his actions where lead in part by Henric Cennedig. I cannot help wondering if this loyal Henric Cennedig has any relationship to the descendants of Kennedy (Cennedig) who travel with Duncan from Galloway to Carrick.

Back the M222+ question, if Fergus was form a kindred that was M222+ then we should find member of Clann Afren who are also M222+?

Sept names:

> > MacDowall (Mac Dubhghaill) chief over Clan Afren located at Wigtown (Soirrachd Baile na hUige)
> > major sub-families such are:
> > MacGhie (Mac Aedh) of Baile-Mag-Ethe
> > Amuligane (O Maolagain) of Clan Mullikine
> > plus major local surnames recorded as:
> > M'Gillherf (Mac Gille Sheirbh)
> > M'Gilleueras (Mac Gille Labhrais)
> > McGillaueuan (Mac Gille Adamnan)
> > McGilleconil (Mac Gille Connaill)
> > McEuri (Mac Iomhair)
> > McKelli (Mac Ceallaigh)
> > McGilmocha (Mac Gille Mo Choe)

More at Alan's website http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~alanmilliken/Research/DNAStudies/Brittonic-A.html

The names prove a little hard to find, though I did find one MacGhee in Ysearch. He was M222+, yet no origin given in the British Isles. I could not find the MacGhee DNA result page. So are there any MacKie or MacCrie from Galloway?

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