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From: Bernard Morgan <>
Subject: [R-M222] McHarg
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 03:44:51 +0000
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>From "The Celtic monthly: a magazine for Highlanders, Volume 9 By John Mackay, Annie Maclean Sharp Mackay"
Dear Sir,—Can any of your Celtic readers enlighten me as to the etymology of the surname MacHarg? One branch of this family was the McHargs of Shalloch, whilst another resided at Cardorkan, in Minnigaff, a wild district, which is described in Mr. Crockett's "Raiders." In 1581, Finlay McHarg, two Alexander McHargs, and John, son of Alexander McQuharg, were engaged in a raid on the lands of Stewart of Fintilloch; and eleven years after the same party took an active part in a feud between the McKies and other Galloway families, and the powerful Carrick clan of Kennedy. The name M'Carg and M'Charray appears among the Celtic retainers of the Earls of Cassilis about the same period. Probably it is a variation of the Carrick surname McHarry. If so, it may possibly have the same etymology as the Highland surname McQuharrie. Is there any possibility of these families being of identical origin?—I am, etc., Wm. McKenzie McHarg

I have no idea if a reader enlightened him. Certainly Black ("The surnames of Scotland") lists early spellings as, Macharg, M'Quharg M'Harg, McGarg, Maharg, M'Carg. They and Kennedys do seem to have the same M222+ dna. So I wonder if MacHarg are related to the Kennedys.

In an essay in "Medieval Scotland: Essays Presented to G.W.S Barrow" the Kennedys are shown to have strong links with the de Carricks (numerous appearance as witness in de Carricks' charters) and the author believes the Kennedys travelled with Duncan mac Gilbert mac Fergus to Carrick. This would for me suggest the Kennedys are Kin to the descendants of Fergus of Galloway and that both are sources for Galloway's M222+ population.

Sadly there is little written about the reasons for the conflicts between the Northern Ui Neill and the King of Scotland in the twelfth and thirteenth century. There is passing acknowledgement of Irish support for Northern Scots againt Malcolm Canmore 's descendants.

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