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From: Bernard Morgan <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Conaire Mór - Conroy the Great
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 18:27:50 +0000
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The 1659 census has as the "Principle Irish/Scot families" of the surname Hoy in the following baronies:

Barony of Ferrard has 11 Hoy
Barony of Atherdee has 18 Hoy and O Hoy
Barony of Louth has 11 Hoy
(The 1659 census returns for the neighboring baronies of Slane in Co. Meath and Farney in Monaghan Co. have been lost.)

This area of Louth bordered Southern Ui Neill kingdom of Sil Aedha Slaine (i.e. barony of Slane, etc.) and is the possible origin of M222+ O Sherry and O Connolly families.

Theoretically members of the Ulaid should not be M222+

> My name comes from Eochaidh, so O'Eochaidh is wrong, but O'hEochaidh is
> correct. Then O'Hoy=>Hoy.

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