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From: David Ewing <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Ewings Incognito
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 15:45:53 -0600

Sandy asks:
Turning to McLaughlin now, you speak of 4 specific McLaughlin markers. I can
only find 2 that are matched by 3b, namely at DYS447=24 and DYS576=17. Have
I missed something?
The other two are CDYa/b=37/38, where the McLaughlin and Ewing modals match
one another but not the R:M222 modal.

These means that I misspoke and should have said that three "Ewing"
off-markers would have to have gone back to the R:M222 modal, and two
"McLauglin" off-modal markers would have to have appeared.

Of course it is theoretically possible that the line leading to these three
branched off the Ewing line before one or more of the distinctive Ewing
off-modal markers appeared. Then we would have to explain why the most
rapidly mutating markers in the panel are the most ancient ones that have
survived in the Ewing line. The problem is that dadgum near anything is
"theoretically possible," but that doesn't take us too far.

David Ewing

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