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From: "Sandy Paterson" <>
Subject: [R-M222] Ewings Incognito
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:23:45 +0100


Let's take a closer look.

The 5 Ewings in 3a and 3b have kit numbers

154041 3b

Considering them one by one, these are their closest non-surname matches
over 37 markers :

32056 matches Lamont 108794 and McGlothin 115267 at a gd of 3.
126205 matches Cullen, Dexter and Neel at a gd of 5.
121513 matches McLaughlin 57761 at a gd of 2.
131958 matches McLaughlin 57761 at a gd of 2.
154041 matches McLaughlin 57761 at a gd of 2.

In summary, none of these matches are closer than a gd of 2.

Now you may think that a non-surname match at a gd of 2 over 37 markers is
rare. In fact they are quite common, ranging from 21 such matches for
Mackenzie 26917 to zero for Conroy 16646.

The rest of us have between zero and 21, but (I suspect) closer on average
to zero than to 21. My own FTDNA home pages reports 3 such matches:


So to me, although a non-surname match at a gd of 2 over 37 markers could
conceivably be the result of an NPE, you need much better evidence than that
to conclude that they are indeed NPE's.


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Subject: Re: [R-M222] Ewings Incognito

If you are interested to see the results of the 5 Ewings Sandy speaks about,
compared with one another and with the R:M222, Ewing and McLaughlin modals,
have a look at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/431003/Group3_ResultsTable.pdf.

I have wondered about this, too, but the fact is that the three Ewings in
Group 3a are all but exact matches for the NW Irish McLaughlins. If they are
"real" Ewings from an older branch somehow, then so are the McLaughlins. But
this seems ridiculous to me. Clearly, McLauglins and Ewings have a common
ancestor, as do all men in R:M222, but though it is clear that the three
Ewings in Ewing Group 3a are very closely related to the McLaughlins (and we
think probably as a result of an NPE in Donegal), I am not persuaded that
there is any closer relationship between the large group of Ewings and the
McLaughlin, then there is between the Ewings and any other of numerous
R:M222 families.

David Ewing
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