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From: "Sandy Paterson" <>
Subject: [R-M222] FTDNA Home Page
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 11:39:46 +0100

Recently, a match at a gd of 2 over 37 markers with a Burks showed up on my
FTDNA home page. I checked the Burks site and found that the match is with
kit number 23033. Since my kit number is 118913, this means that it's an old
match that has only recently found its way on to my FTDNA home page.

I think this means that the matches shown on our home pages are limited to
matches with testees who have given permission to FTDNA to fasciliate
contact between testees.

If I'm right, all of us have many more non-surname matches in FTDNA than we
think. This could explain why David Ewing believed for a long time that 3
off-modal, non-surname matches with Ewing were like hen's teeth, whereas I
had already found a few cases of 4 off-modal Ewing matches with McCann's or

I think this also explains why Paul Conroy was unaware of any matches at 67
markers, whereas I have found a Conroy match to a Dunn at a gd of 5 over 67

This doesn't strike me as a very satisfactory state of affairs. All of us
are influenced by what we see (our home pages) and I suspect that this has
had a negative influence on progress in M222 in exploring non-surname,
perhaps pre-surname kinships.

I don't have a solution to the problem. Does anyone else perhaps?


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