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Subject: [R-M222] Speculation about DYS391
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 09:40:31 +0000 (UTC)
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I did not mean to imply that 391=10 is the sole indicator of anything. Obviously, no one marker is. But of my 39 tested or predicted M222s, only the six from Monaghan/Louth have it. This may merely be a family indicator for the Byrne Monaghan group (much as null 425 is for my Sligo one), or it may be a clue to nearby Breifne origins.
Checking a list of M222 surname modals that John McLoughlin composed several years ago, I see that 14 of the 17 modals (including Byrne and Ewing) have an 11 for that marker. The exceptions with 10 were McGovern, O'Reilly, and Ferguson. I don't see any other common mutations among these three though. I am trying to transfer my data from one computer to another, so can't check further at the moment, but as I recall McGovern and O'Reilly were Cavan (Ui Breifne) tribes. Not sure about Ferguson.

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