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From: "Allene Goforth" <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Off-modal matches - simulation
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 21:35:33 -0700
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Those two guys are in my line. These people are an anomaly. I posted earlier
in Roll Call about how they are supposed to have ended up there. I don't
have proof of it, but it does make some sense. They are supposed to be
descended from a gallowglass who accompanied Angus Og MacDonald, son of
John, Lord of the Isles. Angus was exiled in Ulster somewhere and estranged
from his father. This led to the Battle of Bloody Bay off the island of
Mull, not that far from where my MacAdam line eventually lived. The
gallowglass remained in the area (bang in the middle of Clanranald MacDonald
territory) and supposedly started what eventually became my mother's
paternal line. His first name was Edward or Edwin (in English), and to this
day, there have been plenty of people among my MacAdams who bear that given

I would LOVE to have a 600-year paper trail! It actually becomes a paper
trail in July 1790, when four of these men left on two named ships from a
bay near Arisaig and arrived in what is now Prince Edward Island in August
of that year. Passenger lists exist for at least some of the passengers on
those two ships. All but one of the five lines eventually went to Cape
Breton (where I grew up), and most of them were living a few miles apart in
the old days. There are other stories that connect my people to Glenuig and
to Arieniskill, just outside Arisaig, and I've also found a bit in the
summaries of Clanranald MacDonald Papers at the Scottish Archives website.
Mostly I have Crown Land Grant petitions, vital stats, and census records
for Canada and the United States, where some of them went.

So we have five separate paper trails involving four different genealogists,
but none of them are connected because the exact degree of relationship
among these men was lost over the years, to the point where some people
claimed they were "different" MacAdams. But I knew from talking to my
90-year-old uncle that there was in fact a connection. His father (my
grandfather) had a falling out with one of these families in the 1920s or
1930s and forbade his kids to ever refer to those people as relatives, LOL!
I am hoping to at least be able to connect the trees someday.


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