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Subject: Re: [R-M222] Some Sources for Irish Research in the FHL in SaltLake II
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 09:40:35 -0600
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This is hard enough to read and follow for those
of us not familiar with Gaelic history, names,
and pronunciation, but almost impossible to follow without formatting. . .

I need paragraphs and white space. Please use
different email software/mailer if that is the problem.

Marianne Manley Granoff
Albuquerque, NM

At 09:32 PM 7/25/2010 +0000, you wrote:
>Calendar of the state papers relating to Ireland
>of the reign of James I : preserved in Her
>Majesty's Public Record Office and elsewhere.
>C.W. Russell and John P. Prendergast , Editors.
>Originally published: London : H.M.S.O.,
>1872-1880. Reprint: Nendeln, Liechtenstein :
>Kraus Reprint, 1974 V. 4, p. 208 1611, p. 210,
>Vol 4. Names of servitors and natives to whom
>land was granted in Precinct of Clanawly,
>[Fermanagh] with the Rent; reserved, Donell
>M'Cormock 50 acres xiv Glenns -- M'Cormacks.
>310 1609: 514, case of Sir Neal Garve O'Donnell,
>sent Hugh McCormick to O'Doherty with message 3
>1608 - Examination of Phelim Reage M'Davit 3
>August (O'Doherty). Regarding meeting in Tyrone
>with Brian Crossagh M'Cormock. In Glynnes. He
>agreed to join us. Also nmes Phelemie Oge
>M'Carmock O'Toole. The following is much later.
>I include it to show what is in these sources:
>Qualification Rolls index 1793-1796, and Convert
>Rolls 1703-1800. Ireland. Court of Chancery.
>Microfilm of original records at the Public
>Record Office in Dublin. Salt Lake City, Utah :
>Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah,
>1951, 1969. "Catholics were restricted from
>owning property, holding office and voting
>during the 1700's. Some of them renounced their
>religion and converted to the Church of Ireland
>in order to enjoy such rights. Besides taking
>the sacrament in the Church of Ireland, they
>were required to file a certificate in a court
>of law. Apparently several courts had the
>authority to grant their rights. Courts listed
>include King's Bench, Common Pleas, Quarter
>Sessions of the Peace, and Assizes. The rolls
>were kept by the Chancery Court Rolls Office
>until 1867, at which time they were transferred
>to the Public Records Office. The actual rolls
>were destroyed by the fire in 1922, but these
>calendars survive." 6 film. 0597,104:
>Enniskillen 10 Jul 1793. Thomas McCormeck,
>farmer Sillenmore Same.... Brian McCormeck
>Antrim 9 Oct 1774 Roger McCormick Ballynagloch
>Down 24 Oct 1793, Peter McCarmick, farmer,
>Downpatrick ---------- Ilustrations, historical
>and genealogical, of King James's army list,
>1689. John D'Alton. Dublin [Ireland] : J.
>D'Alton, 1860. Digitized and on line. Vol 2 p
>770 Capt. Michael Cormick of the MacCormick sept
>of Annaly, Co. Longford, Fermanagh had
>O'Cormicks who were chiefs in Co. Down. They
>went to Mayo then to Munster where William
>McCormick lived in 1599 and sailed for Spain
>with don Juan de Aguila. (Armada). [To me this
>is very interesting to learn that the Munster
>McCormicks were descended from a County Down
>family!) I've also not read anything about
>Irish who were in the Armada (but then my dad is
>half English <grin>). Perhaps others were as
>well.] ---- This shows the value of a local
>history book: Aghadowey: a parish and its linen
>industry. T. H. Mullin. Belfast : Century
>Services, 1972 . 34 Irish Rebellion in 1641,
>see Hogans Letters at Trinity College.
>Depositions by Art MacCormack of Aghadowy
>35 The settlers fled to Coleraine and their
>houses were burnt after rebellion in south Derry
>. Art McCormack said in 1652 re Coleraine that
>he didn't know who burnt the parish but that it
>was the Irish army from Tyrone who killed the
>British at Garvagh (250 British killed). On
>that same night (13 Dec) Rory Duffe McCormacke
>and his brothers Art and Edmund with 30-40 men
>about midnight came to house of John Hilhouse at
>Gortecavan in Dunboe Parish,Derry, and with cry
>burnted house of Jane Todd (Gave deposition,
>husband killed that night, William Tannohill).
>The Mcs killed him and stripped him and left her
>for dead. Rory Duffe McC took best horse and
>anything not burnt. (36). John Kennedy of Dunboe
>said in his deposition that Rory Duffe McCormack
>came to him. Rory lived on next townland to
>Gorticavan and kept Tristam Beresford's cattle.
>71 List of emigrants 1834 ------ Walkers Diary
>of the siege of Derry. Walker, George. Reprint
>of the 2d. ed., corrected, London, 1689, with
>title: A true account of the siege of
>Londonderry 58 Subscribers 68 Richard Cormach
>69 James Mccarmick
>------ Londonderry and the London Companies
>1609-1629 : being a survey and other documents
>submitted to King Charles I by Sir Thomas
>Phillips. Belfast : His Majesty's Stationery
>Office, 1928. 53 John McCormock Mustered at
>town of Coleraine 20 Sept 1622 under Phillip
>Tailor, Capt Unarmed pikeman ---- The following
>describes a parish at the heart of the old
>O'Neill kingdom (where there were historical
>McCamishes) History of Ballinderry Parish to
>1766. John H. McGuckin. Published in: Seanchas
>Ard Mhacha : the jounal of the Armagh
>Archdiocesan Historical Society. 1981. 3 Dense
>forest of Glenconkeyne-Killetrea forest. In 9th
>and 10th century Vikings controled Loch Neagh
>and raided p. 5 to 6 Much early history of the
>major parties. Ernaghs given 18 notes the
>practice of leaving the Irish alone. Irish
>tenantry remained in possession of their
>holdings. Esp Protestant bishops didn't upset
>the applecart. Till(19) 1616 no protestant
>rector. Salters biult church 1615 20 Revelyn
>M'Conor O'Neill, ringleader of woodkernes of
>Tyrone and Derry, killed Jan 1617 with 40 of his
>men. 27 O'Neills of Ballinderry ­ great sept
>within tthe realm of O'Neill patrimoney,
>strattling O'Cahan to the north, O'Neills of
>Clannaboy to east and O'Neills of Tyrone to
>south....hotly disputed before English. 28 1587
>Inquisition, parish not held by Tyrone O'Neills
>but by tenants. These seem to be of the O'Neill
>branches History of them. 30 in 1641 a force of
>Irish gathered here against Salters Castle and
>slew the English. Is a diary of an O'Mellan
>that tells of force of 1000 men who guarded the
>home territories of Tyrone. However 31 much of
>the area was plundered and burnt by the English
>in 1643 and left desolate, the Irish peasantry
>abandoned the land and fled west and famine and
>starvation ruled as it did in 1602. Thousands of
>dead lay unburied in Tyrone, mouths green from
>eating nettles, docks, etc. Also ruined the
>planters and cleared land of English settlers.
>33 In 1654 Salters owned 49% and Archbishop
>owned most of rest. Company had 2/3rds of
>arrable land and 70% of meadowlands. in 1659
>Census and 1633 Hearth Surveys in 1659 12 Non
>Irish planters in parish. 35 Hearth Survey gives
>names of those with a hearth who were taxed. On
>townland of Ballyliffurt Carmick macCarren is
>taxed. See Irish state papers for details of
>Catholic priests in the area. 2 Report on the
>state of popery in Ireland in 1731 for County
>Derry indicates 9 mass houses, one in
>Ballinderry. In 43 Mar 25, 1725 riot in Southern
>Derry. William Smith, itinerant preacher said
>the Virgin had assured him that all would be
>damned who were not of the church of Rome.
>Pissed off local Protestants who went to the
>police who got a warrant and tried to execute it
>at a mass rock, where they were manhandled by
>the Irish with stones and staves. People of
>Artrea and Ballinderry participated. Riot was on
>Good Friday. He was later caught and whipped and
>transported to the American colonies. 45 For
>list of names of people see Fottrell Papers, Co
>Louth Archeological Journal, v 7, p. 150, 1930
>46 1766 religious census, only numbers-- 85
>Protestant families, 128 Catholic and priest. In
>1740 95 Protestant households. Hearth money
>rolls 1740 no McCamish ------ Hearth Money Roll
>for Aghadowey Parish, Co. Londonderry, Ireland
>(circa. 1663)
>Excerpts from the book Aghadowey, Rev. Thomas H.
>Mullin, Belfast: Century Services, 1972. Â
>McCammah, John Gorten Linda Merle R1b1c7
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