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From: Thomas Tucker <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Blood of the Irish and M222
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 14:58:45 -0400
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then the R1b-M222 percentage of the R 1b Irish in the BCP rises to 94%."
Have you any opinion about R-M222 NW related to the Basque?

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 2:10 PM, <> wrote:

> I finally managed to view "Blood of the Irish" on the fourth DVD player
> I tried (apparently Irish format is different) and noticed several possible
> errors. The one of concern to this board was a statement that all Northwest
> Irish descend from Niall of the Nine Hostages, though perhaps this was just
> an over-simplification for an audience that knows little about DNA. It is
> generally accepted, or course, that while Niall probably was M222, he was
> not the progenitor to whom the mutation first occurred.
> I recently exchanged messages with the administrator of the Breifne
> Clans Project, the members of which presumably descend from Niall's half
> brother Brion (Ui Briuin Breifne). He said:
> "As of last summer, the R1b Irish in the Breifne Clans Project included 42%
> R1b-M222-positive participants. If the 34 participants in the BCP
> belonging to Oriel lines, which were probably intrusions of the 15th century
> or later, then the R1b-M222 percentage of the R 1b Irish in the BCP rises
> to 94%."
> This indicates that Niall's M222 came from the Rathcroghan area of
> present-day Roscommon, because that is where Niall, Brion, and their other
> brother Fiachra (Ui Fiachrach) allegedly were born.
> Paul
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