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From: Paul Conroy <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Changing Religions
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 07:25:31 -0500
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Very true!

Some of my maternal ancesters were descendants of Cromwellian
soldiers. Some married into Catholic families and became Catholic,
some are still Protestant.

Curiously, one of my grand-uncles, a descendant of Cromwellian
soldiers who had ravaged the country about 5 or 6 generations before,
is credited with firing the first shot in the Irish War of

A nice example of assimilation at work.


On 11/20/09, <> wrote:
> It wasn't always Catholic to Protestant. After most of Sligo was
> distributed to Cromwellian soldiers, there were real problems with the
> reverse. The soldiers had no one to marry except Catholic girls, and momma
> often determines how the children are raised--in a great many cases as
> Catholics. It was another example of a conquering army being absorbed into
> the conquered.
> In his "The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland," John Prendergast wrote,
> "I did not understand until later, that a Protestant who married an
> Irishwoman, if she did not conform to English religion within one year of
> the marriage, sank to the helot-like condition of his wife's people; he was
> deprived of all rights; he became "a constructive Papist;" and a Protestant
> of this class was in the eye of the law a more odious Papist than a real and
> actual Papist by profession and principle."
> Despite this, a son of the Lord Kingston who received vast land grants in
> Sligo (Major John King in the Cromwellian army) married a Catholic.
> The Scots-Irish were Presbyterians and also were persecuted by the
> "English religion" which considered them "dissenters." I doubt many
> Catholics converted to Presbyterianism (frying pan into the fire?), at least
> in Ireland. Some did convert to the "English religion" to retain their
> lands, e.g., the O'Haras of Annandale, but by then not many Catholics had
> any land to retain.
> Sorry to go so far off topic.
> Paul
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