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Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] Age of R1b1c7
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 19:56:38 EST

Colin, this has nothing to do with R1b1c7 but I can't resist asking (I'm
still studying the links you sent on Phylip and palindromes).

We have some McCloughans/McLaughlins in our DNA project. They match what's
called the Leinster modal or by others the Irish Sea modal. According to an
Atholl web site, they are probably MacLagans or MacClauchans, as per the
following site:


The McCLoughans/McLaughlins who match in our project are:

FDUQN McCloughan
4WVKF McCloughan
YGUM9 McCloughan
ZJRCZ McCLoughan
CXW9Y McLaughlin
ZDW48 McLaughlin

We also have one other McCloughan recently tested from Co. Down, Ireland
who matches but has yet to upload his results to Ysearch.

The same web site also mentions the Fergussons.

"Fergussons. This is much the oldest Atholl Clan and probably dates from
Pictish times. At one time, the North part of Atholl, including the greater
part of this district, lay within the territory of the Northern Picts. "

There are some Fergusons on Ysearch who match at least part of this modal.

NQJ6J Ferguson Scotland
8CCR2 Ferguson Greenock, Scotland
DXEX7 Ferguson unknown Keir Mill, Scotland
JPHN5 Ferguson unknown
MA6BC Ferguson unknown U.S.
PQ5Q5 Ferguson unknown Glasgow, Scotland
SKXYA Ferguson U.S.

The Leinster modal is B9NW4.

The only place where these Fergusons match the modal solidly is at 389-1 and
389-2 (13,30). They're a little off on the other markers. So I don't know
if they're a valid match or not. Most of the other Leinster modal people
who have been tested are ccgg at DYS 464. Here's an outdated list from John
McEwen's web site:

SFWJ7 Beaty Scotland
8PGWW Baity unknown
YZU3V Beaty U.S.
57U9T Beattey Co. Down, Ireland
7GX6B Beaty Dumfriesshire, Scotland
8PDFF Beatty Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
97XKS Beattie Scotland
K7TAW Quilliam (FitzWilliam) Isle of Mann
M8PSX Jordan Ireland
S7EM6 McHale Mayo
62TQZ Stephens Glasgow, Scotland
63PFZ Burns Ireland
CXW9Y McLaughlin Donegal

The Fergusons of Atholl would seem to be these (from Electric Scotland):

"In Perthshire, there were Fergusons in Atholl and Balquhidder who in
keeping with many of their neighbouring clans (e.g. MacGregors) were of constant
trouble to the King's authority. However many Perthshire Fergusons were strong
supporters of the Stuart cause and fought under Montrose, Bonnie Dundee and
with the Atholl Brigade at Culloden."

Have you noticed this Ferguson group yourself or have any theories on their


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