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Where was the surname Melaghlin last used in Co. Meath before it disappeared?

There's a little documentation showing the O'Melaghlin surname was still
being used circa 1659. In one barony of Westmeath the surname is already
spelled McLaughlin; As O'Melaghlin it appears in Roscommon and Kings Co.. But the
1659 returns for Meath (where we might expect to encounter O'Melaghlins)
are mostly missing (9 baronies).

County Westmeath Census of 1659

Barony of Clonlonan

Principle Irish Names: McLaughlin 10

King's County Census of 1659

Barony of Garriecastle

titulado: Terence Melaghline, gent.
townland: Gallen

Roscommon County Census of 1659

Barony of Ballentabber

Principle Irish Names: O'Melaghlin 11

titulado: Neile O'Melaghlin, gent.
townland: Cloonbellagh

1609 Pardon Lists
Patent Rolls of King James I

LXXVI-10 Lisagh O'Molaghlin of Tinaminck, gent.
King's County

Persons Transplanted in Ireland
O'Hart "Landed Gentry"

Westmeath County

Charles Mellaghlin, of Killrowe

State Papers 1600

"Here is one Iriel Omalaughlin, chief of his name, now taken in,
who desireth to receive his country as Maguire doth, and therefore
(if your Lordships so like of it), it were good the Queen's warrant
were for those two in particular, and generally for others of the
Irishy, that should seek to have a state of their countries from
her Majesty in this manner, with such reservations and provisions
as we should think meet for her Majesty's service, and to tie them
faster to their loyalty. O'Malaughlin's country is in the furthest
parts of Westmeath, towrads Athlone, which, being brought back
again to obedience, will be a good mean to secure all the tract
between Mullingar and Athlone.

The idea that O'Melaghlin was replaced by McLoughlin may be originally due
to O'Donovan (early 1800s).

Notes from the Topographical Poems

6. O'Maeileachlainn, anglicised O'Melaghlin, and now corrupted to Mac
Loughlin. This family, which was the head of the south Hy-Niall race, derived its
name and lineage from Maelseachlainn, or Malachy II., monarch of Ireland, who
died in the year 1022.

Burke's landed Gentry contains the same idea.

Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland
Cornelius MacLoughlin of

An ancestor, Morogh Dubh O'Melaghlin, built a house of refuge on
a small island in Lough Meelagh, Kilronan. His father, Calvagh or
Charles, prince of Meath, died ca. 1599. A great-great-grandson of
Morogh, Thomas MacLoughlin, is listed at Selteneveeny, Roscommon.
This family was an offshoot of the O'Melaghlin of Ballinderry
branch of the O'Melaghlins.

The surname O'Melaghlin does not appear at all in the c. 1855 Griffith's
Valuations. Or any similar variant.


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