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Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] Southern Ui Neill DNA
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 21:21:51 EST

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Yes, these would be the Roscommon Conroy's - sometimes written Conry.

That's an interesting connection then, because the Ua Mael Conaires were
Cenel Maine m. Neill. And like most of the Cenel Maine, their original
territory should have been in Tethbha or Bregia, not Roscommon. They also should be
R1b1c7 if the Cenel Maine were truly descended from Nial.

The pedigrees also list a MacConroy of Thomond. Or at least that's the
identification given by Payton in the Irish Genealogist.

2019. Concobar m Concobair m Domhnaill m Concobhair m Domhnaill m Donnchadha
m Donnchadha m Ferghusa m Diermada m Concobair m Con raoi m Amlaibh m
Luighdech m Baedain m Site m Cais m Luighdech m Luachain m Finnellaigh m Dunghusa m
Dungalaigh m Comghaill m Sarain m Mallthola m Othain m Baedain m Gno bicc m
Delbna m Cais m Conaill echluaith.
And it seems a MacConrai sept of Galway is listed in O'Donovans Hy Many.
Cland Indrachtaig, mic Mailiduin, .i. Muinnter Ruairc,_112_
(javascript:footNote('G105007/note112.html')) ocus Mic Brain,_113_
(javascript:footNote('G105007/note113.html')) ocus Mic Muroin,_114_
(javascript:footNote('G105007/note114.html')) &ca. ocus Muinnter Mailchada, a quo Muinnter Dublaind,_115_
(javascript:footNote('G105007/note115.html')) ocus h-Ua Flannchada, &ca. ocus
Muinnter Mailcroin,_116_ (javascript:footNote('G105007/note116.html')) Mic
Dungail,_117_ (javascript:footNote('G105007/note117.html')) ocus Muinnter
Arrachtan,_118_ (javascript:footNote('G105007/note118.html')) ocus Muinnter
Duibgilla,_119_ (javascript:footNote('G105007/note119.html')) ocus Muinnter
Conrai._120_ (javascript:footNote('G105007/note120.html'))
O'Donovan's Notes:
i. e. the family of O'Conrui, now made Conroy; but this family must be
distinguished from the Mac Conrys of West Connaught, and from the O'Mulconrys of
Cloonahee and Strokestown, who shorten their name to Conry.
I don't think anyone knows what the DNA of the Ui Maine looks like. There
are two conflicting pedigrees - one from Colla da Crioch - the other directly
from the antecedants of Nial. If true either would make them R1b1c7. But
the descendant of Colla da Crioch are not r1b1c7 (Maguires, McMahons,
O'Hanlons). So connecting the Ui Maine of Connacht to this stock could be just
another fabrication.
Then you have the Conraghys of Queen and Kings Co. in 1659 (52 listed), but
mostly in Queens Co. (Laois). Not a single annal entry or a pedigree to
describe them. In fact not a single reference prior to the mid 17th century.
You have an oral legend of a single ancestor sometime around 1600 (Conn na
Ratha) but the presence of so many Conraghy families in 1659 spread across
different baronies and parishes of Queen and kings counties makes this seem
unlikely (to me anyway). No references in the Topographical Poems, so they probably
weren't chieftains. Yet there are a lot of them.
I'm not trying to butt into your research here. I just think the surname is


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