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Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] Some Musings on R1b1c7
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 22:39:05 EST

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About this

time, Michael McGorth was appointed captian or chief of the "Kenelman" or
in Galloway. As far as I can determine, the reference to the Gaelic term
"Kenel" in Kenelman, is the only one to be found in Galloway.

That's a strange reference, Alan. What does the Maine part mean? Is Maine
the same as "man" in Kenelman? If so that would read Cenel Maine. That
should be a tribe reference with an ancestor named Maine. There were several
Cenel Maines in Ireland, including the Cenel Maine of Tethba, said to descend
from Maine, son of Nial (southern Ui Neill).

An article in Wikipedia quotes Byrnes (Irish Kings and High Kings) on the
Cenel Maine of Tethba.

"Maine of Tethba or Maine mac Néill was a supposed son of Niall Noigiallach.
His existence is very doubtful. Writing of him in 1973, Irish historian
Francis John Byrne stated his belief that:
"We may suspect then that eastern Maine was so successfully absorbed into
the Uí Néill ambit that their kings, by a polite fiction, were accepted into
the dominant dynasty circle ... The fact that the annalistic obit of Maine mac
Néill in 440 is so much earlier than that of any of his supposed brothers
also suggests that he was adopted into the dynasty some time after the synthetic
historians had agreed to push back the date of Niall's reign by a generation
or more."

I can't speak for the entire history of Tethba or Teffia but one family at
least who were chieftains of the territory were dispersed by the Normans.

"MacGiolla seachlainn, M'Galaghlin, MacGlaughlin, MacClachlin,
MacGlafilin, Claffin; son of Giolla seachainn (servant of St.

The name of an old Meath family who were lords of Southern
Breagh, until soon after the Anglo-Norman invasion, when they lost
their power and were dispersed. The present anglicised forms of
Mac Giolla Seaclainn cannot be distinguished from those of Mag
Loclainn, MacLachlainn, q.v.; but that the family is still extant
is shown by the variant Mac Giolla Seachlainn.

Tethbha would have been located somewhere near Meath and Dublin.

The name Maine also pops up in a lot of Scottish pedigrees from Skene's MS.

But I found this on your own web site: Kenclanen which doesn't make any
sense as a variant of Kenelman. It's interesting to see all those clann and
cenel references in Galloway though. It must have meant something at one time
if you could somehow ferret out the relationships involved.

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