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Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] r1b1c7 on the Continent?
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 20:57:53 EST

In a message dated 12/24/2007 9:08:44 A.M. Central Standard Time,

In the case of Eire, it is not so uniform to suggest that a single
population was the source of the main body of occupants. It does appear
however that the isolation and concentration of the R1b1c7 group
regionally upon the island indicates that a relatively uniform
population was isolated in that region for a long time before the other
groups infringed on their area of residency.

You could look at the same data another way. That the R1b1c7 group were
regionally isolated on the island because they were latecomers who grabbed land
and territory from the indigenous tribes. That's the later history of the
Connachta and Ui Neill. They won territory in the midlands from the Lagin,
pushed into Ulster in the NW and over the centuries continuously pushed their
territories eastwards in Ulster to the detriment of the once dominant Airgialla
and Uladh tribes. Their history in Ulster especially is one of infringement
on other tribes, not the reverse. By the 1300s the territory of the
Airgialla and Uladh were mere shadows of what they had been. At one time the
Airgialla held most of Londonderry Co. A branch of the Ui Meic Uais is even called
Locha Fabail, or 'of Lough Foyle', the lough that separates Donegal from
Londonderry. By the 11th century this territory had been overrun by the Ui Neill
and the Ui Meic Uais vanish into history as an identifiable entity. In
Leinster, it was the southern Ui Neill who infringed on the territory of the
Lagin, carving out kingdoms in the midlands near Tara and for centuries imposing
the detested Boramu tribute on their defeated rivals.

I'm making an assumption here. That R1b1c7 in Ireland = Connachta and Ui
Neill (northern and southern). Together these tribes appear to compose the main
body of R1b1c7 in Ireland. So far nearly every Irish sept linked by
pedigree to the Connachta or Ui Neill is R1b1c7. Most of the surnames I've seen in
Ireland without definite clan links that are R1b1c7 can be traced to
territories held by the Ui Neill or Connachta. Elsewhere there seems to be a
scattering of R1b1c7 in minor amounts - I think I've even seen a few among the
O'Sullivans and MacCarthys of the south. Some of the Maguinness samples in the
Trinity database may be R1b1c7.

I wonder if anyone can come up with any surnames NOT linked to the Ui Neill,
the Connachta or their territories that are majority R1b1c7? And not just
one here or there or surnames of such indefinite origin that it can't be
placed anywhere in Ireland with certainty. Or surnames of known multiple origins
such as Murphy or Kelly that might have come from anywhere in Ireland.


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