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Subject: [DNA-R1B1C7] The origins of Donnchadh, the Gaelic form of Duncan
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 07:15:08 EDT

_Scottish Clans_ (http://www.ness-scape.nessie.co.uk/clans/clans3.html)
Some Robertson appear to have the R1B1C7 DNA they also claim to be descended
from same ancestor as Duncan and the Niall's.
G Ashley

The origins of Donnchadh, the Gaelic form of Duncan, stretch far back into
Scotland's Celtic past. Dunchad (d.717) was an early abbot of Iona, and his
namesake held a similar post in Dunkeld. There were two Scottish kings named
Duncan, both of whom met violent ends. Duncan I (d.1040), was deposed by
Macbeth, as Shakespeare recorded in his celebrated play. Duncan II fared little
better, and was slain by his in-laws in 1094. The Duncan clan was founded in the
14th century by Donnchadh Reamhar ("Duncan the Fat"), who fought in the
victory at Bannockburn (1314). The Roberstsons claim descent from the same
ancestor and have always described themselves as the "Clann Donnchaidh."

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