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Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] R1b1c7 in Scotland
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 20:53:40 EDT

In a message dated 8/9/2007 1:59:35 P.M. Central Standard Time,

Ideally some scientist out there would do a cluster analysis and break down
the R1b1c7 group into smaller clusters.

John McEwen already has - but I've looked at his clusters and can't tell
much from them myself. He calls the R1b1c7 group R1bSTR19.


If you look at this cluster diagram, you'll see at least some possible Ui
Neill surnames at the top of the cluster. These include Hagan, McGonagle,
Doherty, McGovern, Cowan, McGee. After this we see a lot of surnames that appear
to be mostly Scottish, with some Irish tossed in. But some of these Ui
Neill surnames repeat in different clusters, ie, Doherty, McGovern. The one
McLaughlin sample in the cluster does not match our Donegal McLaughlin cluster.

Then sprinkled in with other surnames are a few possibly Irish surnames:
Devine, Donohoe, Slavens, Flannagan. With most of these surname it's almost
impossible to determine if they are native Irish or Scottish.

I'm not seeing any clear cut geographical groupings in these clusters.
Can anyone else?


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