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From: Connie McKenzie <>
Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] R1b1c7 in Scotland
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 12:42:31 -0700 (PDT)
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There are 8 participants in the Mackenzie DNA project that we consider to be R1b1c7 - 3 of those are at 67 markers and have been SNP tested. Two of the 67 marker participants have the Niall emblem and can trace their family history back to Scotland in the early 1800s. The others are unable to place their lineage in either Scotland or Ireland.

There are 6 participants in the Gillespie DNA project that we consider to be R1b1c7. 5 of them are predicted to be R1b1c7 and one is still listed as R1b1. I am pleased to say that one of them has just ordered the SNP test. At this time, none of these individuals have the Niall emblem. We have a history on two of the participants that starts in America and Ulster about 1745 and goes back to Scotland. The individual that just ordered the SNP test can trace back to a family birth in 1832 in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

There are 3 participants in the Macpherson DNA project that have the Niall emblem. Two are at 37 markers and one is only 12 markers. I don't know the histories on two of the participants, but one can take his family to the Isle of Skye in the early 1700s.

Connie McKenzie

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