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From: "Paul Conroy" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] R1b1c7 in Scotland
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 21:30:36 -0400
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Possibly Ar-gael was originally Oirr Gael which would mean East Gaels
in Irish Gaelic.

Btw, "Daire" in the earlier comments refers to Derry (aka Londonderry)
- in case this wasn't obvious.


On 8/5/07, JOHN PLUMMER <> wrote:
> John Lochlan,
> It is always a pleasure to read your posts. Did you want Kevin Campbell's
> Journal of Genetic Genealogy article? It is at
> http://www.jogg.info/31/campbell.pdf
> Some excerpts: "Whether called the Irish Modal Haplotype or the "Ui Neill
> Haplotype" as in the Trinity College paper9, the North-West Haplotype by
> David Wilson and fellow researchers10, or R1bSTR19Irish as defined by McEwan
> (2007),11 this corresponds to OGAP8 in the Oxford data."
> "In addition, this analysis also identifies the strong migration of OGAP8
> to the Argyll area."
> "This migration may be explained by the Dal Riada migration12 or as Sykes
> notes "Ar-gael was coined by the kings of Dal Riata for their three colonies
> - Mull, Islay, and Kintyre penninsula."" [page 7]
> Their identification of Dalriadic Scots as R1b1c7 is of course entirely
> separate from mine. I made my identification solely on the DNA of families
> said on good authority to descend from the Dalriadic royal line in the
> direct male line. Whether they are Fir Bolg/Belgae or not is another issue.
> I have a lot of new material but limited typing time.
> John Plummer
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