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From: Jeff Scism <>
Subject: Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] DNA-R1B1C7 Digest, Vol 1, Issue 62
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 08:18:06 -0700
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> Lineage R1b originated prior to the end of the last ice age where it was
> concentrated in refugia in southern Europe and Iberia and is the most common
> in European populations. It is especially common in the west of Ireland where
> it approaches 100% of the population. This haplogroup contains the Atlantic
> modal STR haplotype.
> Gene
First off, we are talking about "island populations" where the genetics are constrained by the inability in general to leave the Island. It is a closed society, although with enough population diversion to have differences in genetic profiles, some other islands, like Iceland, are a lot tighter genetically.)

Secondary considerations are the migrations, throughout ALL of history, and the winners of the skirmishes. The losers were assimulated or killed off. (Probably BOTH)

Perhaps, since the haplotype R1b is so predominant in Ireland, it was a VERY early arrival, *before* the last Ice age, dating back to the time the island was FIRST populated, and it is the ONE haplotype that survived intact through the Ice Age, creating a universal population on the island, excluding significant presence of other haplotypes. Otherwise there would be a higher influence of other HTs on the island.

It is only natural that mutations into sub groups would occur, and the mutated HTs would pass down, Regional (clans) families would strengthen these mutations, and localize them, only when easier travel became common would the diversification in locality happen.

(I would say the invasions, and the advent of the Roman Empire would cause some diversion).

Natural population controls, disease, conflicts, nourishment, climate, and even social acceptance of a 'type' of desirable mate would have an effect, selecting only the stronger lines for survival.

Jeffery G. Scism, IBSSG

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