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From: "Angela Marks" <>
Subject: Re: [DEV] Devon to Wales via ship / ferry
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 10:09:35 -0000
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It wasn't exactly a scheduled ferry service, but I can remember going from
Ilfracombe to Penarth (just outside Cardiff) and back several times in the
1960s. As I recall it was a 'holiday trippers' thing, though there were a
couple of crossings a day in the summer.

The main ferry crossing however was from Aust to Beachley, almost next to
the Severn Bridge. It was a dangerous crossing because of the tidal range
and currents, and the massive sand banks made it impossible at low tide.
Daniel Defoe famously refused to use it on his perambulations, because of
the risk. The ferry closed in 1966 after the opening of the Severn Bridge.

St Augustine of Canterbury is believed to have held a meeting with the
Celtic bishops at Aust in 603, possibly because it was a convenient crossing
place, and in the sixth and seventh century most of the British bishops were
in Wales. anyway!

Angela in Dawlish

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Subject: Re: [DEV] Devon to Wales via ship / ferry

> Hello Edna and Lund,
> Thank you for this website. I have relations that live in Milford
> Haven and know the coast of Wales quite well.
> Nelson thought that the Haven (Milford Haven) was on of the best
> natural Harbours.
> Years ago just before 1954 there used to be a ferry that went across
> the Bristol
> Channel from Wales to Devon. Looking at GOOGLE I read that they are
> trying again to get a ferry service going again.
> You could contact the Devon Family History Society, I am sure they
> could give you the answer.
> Kind regards
> Barbara Lewis Mallyon
> Basingstoke, Hants. UK
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> Subject: [DEV] Devon to Wales via ship / ferry
>> Another way of getting from Devon to Wales would be by ship many of
>> which
>> didn't make it.
>> Edna - Ottawa
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