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Subject: Re: [DEV] Migration from Devon to London
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 14:19:32 -0000
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Railway building in earnest didn't start until the late 1830's, so that as a
possibility is improbable.

Brian Binns

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Helen Kevan <> wrote:

> Hi
> I am in Australia and a novice at family history research. Angela's
> recent email reminded me of a question in my family search. James and
> Agnes Cole were married in Bishops Nympton in 1800 and he is listed
> as a sojourner. I am looking for any clue as to why James and Agnes
> Cole's last child [Mary Bale Cole] was born in Tooting ca 1818? I
> know gypsies supposedly moved about a lot, but the Coles seem to have
> been very settled in the Bishops Nympton area. The previous child,
> Eleanor, was born in 1813, the largest gap in the birth pattern.
> Charles Cole doesn't list anyone after Eleanor, and there is no
> apparent connection with any other family event that would take them
> so far from Devon. Ann married Edward Eales in London in 1828, but
> most of the children married from 1834 onwards in Devon, and Agnes
> died at BN in 1837, so they'd obviously gone back there. Maybe there
> are school or other records to show if the Coles left Devon for a
> while - might also explain why Ann went to London.
> Helen Kevan

One possible explanation is that James may have been a "Navvy" or
Navigator, teams of labourers who travelled the country building
railways, etc.

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