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From: Nancy Frey <>
Subject: Re: [DEV] Data Privacy
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 11:54:36 -0500
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Hi Listers,

I don't think you fully understand what a previous poster said about
creating a GEDCOM. The best way to put your family tree online is to have
your information in a genealogy program on your own computer. If you don't
already have one, there's one for free at All
genealogy programs will create a GEDCOM, which is a way of sharing your
family history with others either directly or by posting online.

The PRIVACY issue only comes into play when you are sharing your
information. Your genealogy program should contain everything you know
about all your relatives, living or dead, otherwise you won't be able to
link to yourself and your children. But when you create a GEDCOM to share
your information, you select one or more options of how to show people who
might be living. I usually choose to show names, but without any other
information. Other people choose to show the word 'living'. I find the
latter of very little value.

I hope this further explanation is helpful.


Nancy Frey
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From: "Richard Fowler" <>
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Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 11:17 PM
Subject: Re: [DEV] Data Privacy

> Ruth, my cousin and I are involved with this now as part of an Xmas family
> newsletter.
> We are operating a general cut off of 1920 as we have no living relatives
> born before then. Then the few born before 1930 still around appear only
> if
> they have agreed. I am still getting used to Family Tree Maker but it
> seems
> simplest to create 2 separate family files , one restricted as above so we
> can do what we like with it incl put it on the internet, the other kept
> private for those specifically working with us on the descendants project
> and who understand the issues. If anyone else wants to know for legitimate
> reasons they can ask and we will give them exreacts. Address lists are
> kept
> on paper. We are covering the C20th descendants for the newsletter by
> simple
> chatty narrative along the lines of ' "Uncle" Dick and his wife Elizabeths
> 9
> children were .(first names.) .....All except (first names) married and
> had
> children. ' It may be possible to adapt this to a website if you wish.
> The consensus seems to be (rightly in my view) that one must not make
> public
> esp on the internet details of living individuals. This of course is not
> what many people have done and it is not what commercial sites want to
> enhance their product marketing. Even off the internet, there is a risk
> that
> someones grandchild will have a school or similar project on fh and will
> upload the descendants data.
> Incidentally, Adrian b's point about the banking security question
> (Mothers
> mother) is one I raised with the folk who write the Banking Code. They
> understood the issue but have not acted on it and generally the financial
> world are getting in a real tangle over security and passwords. They
> invent
> ever more complex countermeasures resulting in multiple complex passwords/
> security questions which people cannot rememner so have to record
> somewhere.
> That is why for example 'Verified by Visa' demands unique alpha-numeric
> codes. Re ID theft, it does not help that we have the rediculous situation
> that individuals are advised to shred or burn papers while government and
> organisations hold vast amounts of our personal id in less than secure
> conditions.
> Dick Fowler

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