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From: "Liz Davidson" <>
Subject: Re: [DEV] John CHURCHILL
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 17:17:23 +0100
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There were CHURCHILLs at Musbury, Devon which is near Axminster and close to
the Devon/Dorset border, also not far from Ottery St Mary and I've found
CHURCHILL baptisms for my family in Harpford, Venn Ottery and Sidmouth - all
within the same corner of East Devon. The given names John and Sarah seem
common for CHURCHILLs and are in my family too. I'm finding it a difficult
family to unravel!

Liz Davidson
Suffolk UK
DFHS no 14023
GOONS no 5166

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From: "Madalene Frost" <>
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Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2009 6:50 AM
Subject: [DEV] John CHURCHILL

> Hi Bill
> No doubt you have seen the IGI entries (Mormon ancestor files only, so
> not confirmed) which indicate a John CHURCHILL was born at Muston
> Devonshirein 1610, died 1 Jan 1662 at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
> and was buried same place, says 3 June 1661, so take your pick whether
> 6it was 1661 or 1662 - possibly an old calendar issue? John supposedly
> married Hannah PONTUS 18 Dec 1644 at Plymouth, MA.
> His parents were supposedly John and Sarah Churchill - John snr born at
> Muston Dorchestershire, (aka Dorset). And there are links further back
> but with some dodgy dates, eg father John born only 7 years before son
> John!
> HOwever, if any of the above rings bells for you, there are names and
> addresses on the IGI file of 18 people in the US researching this John
> Churchill. If you search the file on the IGI you will find them. I got
> it by setting the birth/baptism date at 1620 and using a year range of +
> or - 20 years in England.
> And perhaps listing on the might get you more help
> than here on Devon. There may well be an OPC for Muston who could help
> with a parish register lookup.
> There are at least two places in England named Muston - one in Yorkshire
> and the other known now as Winterbourne Muston which is in Dorset - the
> neighbouring county east of Devon. Winterbourne is a common prefix for
> places in Dorset and means that the stream which runs through it may
> only run during winter, ie dries up in summer. So the village may well
> have been known as simply Muston. Unfortunately the Dorset one isn't on
> the IGI to check if there were Churchill families there in the early
> days. There weren't any at Muston, Yorkshire back to start of records
> in 1729.
> Having said all that there are a couple of John Churchills born in Devon
> 1602 at Honiton on Otter and Pttery St Mary, but no references to having
> left for America of course, as they are transcribed parish records. You
> may already know of these too.
> See also P 24 of this online family tree
> refers to Muston being both in 'Dorchestershire' {Dorset} and Devon.
> I have no personal interest in the name Churchill - just enjoy a
> genealogical challenge!
> Regards
> Madalene
> New Zealand
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