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Very interesting.

Do similar records exist for the Great War (1914-1918) in which my father
fought. If so where can they be found.

David Henwood

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Hello Stuart

I have recently obtained the WW2 service records for my late mother's late
brother (they had Devon forebears) which I have transcribed. It was very

This is the transcription: -


18 April 1940 - He was aged 24 when he enlisted in the Territorial Army at
Taunton for the duration of the Emergency under the terms of National
Service (Armed Forces) Act 1939. He was posted to The Somerset Light
Infantry (P.A.). His home address was 108 Old Fosse Rd, Odd Down, Bath. He
was a British subject. His parents were British. His date of birth was
30.9.15. He was single and had never served in the armed services or the
OTC. He was insured under the National Health Insurance Act by the Bath
branch of the National Health Society. His membership number was 11/36/678.
He signed the AF B200d which was witnessed by 2/Lt M S H Suter. His next of
kin was his father Ernest Shobbrook of 43 Curzon St, Calne. His height was
5ft 8ins. His weight was 148 ½ lbs. He had blue eyes and fair hair. His
chest, fully expanded, was 37 ins with a 3 ins expansion range. His
religious denomination was C. of E. He had no distinguishing marks. His
medical condition on enlistment was grade A1. He was a shop assistant. He
served at home until 14 October 1942 (AF B200d). He had a dental examination
the same day (AF I 5033).

21 May 1940 - He had a dental examination in Taunton (AF I 5033).

26 June 1940 - He was transferred to the Royal West Kent Regiment where he
was posted to the 6th Bn as a Private (AF B200d).

16 January 1941 - He was granted 8 days leave (AF B103).

18 April 1941 - He was granted 8 days leave (AF B103).

30 June 1941 - He had a dental examination in Haverfordwest (AF I 5033).

14 October 1941 - He was granted 9 days leave (AF B103).

15 January 1942 - He was granted 9 days leave (AF B103).

15 October 1942 - He embarked (for North Africa) (AF B103).

15 October 1942 to 23 January 1946 - He served in North Africa (AF B200d)
(NB This entry did not mention his service in Sicily, Italy and Austria).

8 November 1942 - He disembarked in North Africa and entered the theatre of
operations (AF B103). (NB This was the first day of Operation Torch - the
allied invasion of NW Africa).

30 November 1942 - He was wounded in action - a gunshot wound in the right
arm (AF B200d) in North Africa (AF W3040).

1 December 1942 - He was admitted to 8 Casualty Clearing Station and posted
to X(ii) list (AF B103).

5 December 1942 - He was transferred to the ambulance train (AF B103).

7 December 1941 - He was transferred to 94 General Hospital (AF B103).

12 December 1941 - He was transferred to 95 General Hospital (AF B103). (NB
This hospital was housed in a French school in Algiers).

21 December 1942 - His father was advised of his being wounded by telegram
(AF W3040).

27 December 1942 - He was discharged form 95 General Hospital (AF B103).

28 December 1942 - He was transferred to 1 I.B.D. (Probably 1st Infantry
Brigade which consisted of the 3rd Grenadier Guards and the 2nd Coldstream
Guards) (AF B103).

3 February 1943 - He was transferred to 18 Army Group HQ and the X(I) list
(AF B103).

21 May 1943 - He was posted to the British Military Training Directorate (AF

18 April 1943 - He was classified Scale D, Class 1 (A) (AF B103).

23 September 1943 - His Mention in Dispatches was published in the London
Gazette (AF B200d).

11 January 1944 - He was appointed U/L/Cpl (AF B103).

23 June 1944 - His will was received and filed by his unit (AF B200d).

21 July 1944 - Act (?) CRS 57 Ane To X (2) (AF B103).

30 July 1944 - Ais (?) CRS Directorate of Military Training & X (1) list (AF

24 January 1945 - He relinquished the (temporary) rank of lance corporal and
was regraded as class 1 (A) when he joined 5 Bn J (?) RTD (AF B103).

1 April 1945 - He refused T.A.B. and T.T.S. inoculations (AF B200d).

7 April 1945 - He was transferred (back) to 6 Bn RWK (AF B103).

23 May 1945 - He was despatched to 202 Transit Camp (LIAP II) (AF B103).

25 May 1945 - He joined 3 Transit Camp. (AF B103).

30 May 1945 - He embarked at Naples for the UK (AF B103).

10 June 1945 to 15 July 1945 - He was granted leave to UK (AF B200d).

24 July 1945 - He disembarked (AF B103).

30 July 1945 - He rejoined 6/RWK (AF B103).

7 December 1945 - He had a medical examination. In the report, which he
signed, he stated that his war service had included 30 months in England, 12
months in Algeria/Tunisia, 1 month in Sicily, 18 months in Italy and 7
months in Austria and that he had received a gunshot wound in his left arm
during 1941 in North Africa (AF W3149).

12 December 1945 - His notification of impending release form was signed in
Hermagor, Austria by Comd. 6 R.W.K. His military conduct was exemplary. His
testimonial read : -

"Pte SHOBBROOK joined the Battalion 5 ½ years ago & he has taken part in the
fighting in N. Africa and Italy; in action he was courageous & at his best
in difficult circumstances. He is an efficient & energetic worker and has
potentialities as a leader, because his colleagues have a high respect for
his abilities & his character. He is loyal, trustworthy & his departure will
be a severe loss to the unit"

18 January 1946 - He was posted to the Assembly Centre at Villach (Austria)
(AF B103).

19 January 1946 - He was granted Class A release (AF B103).

20 January 1946 - He entrained at Villach for the UK (AF B103).

23 January 1946 - He disembarked in the UK. His permanent address was shown
as 4 Stepney Terrace, Haverfordwest, when he arrived at the Military
Disembarkation Camp at Aldershot. He was aged 25 (notification of impending
release form).

24 January 1946 - He was posted to 'Y' list - Class 'A' release (AF B103).

24 January 1946 to 29 April 1946 - He served at home (AF B200d).

25 January 1946 - He proceeded on terminal leave (AF B200d).

30 April 1946 - He was released to Class 'Z' (T) Reserve (Class 'A' Release)
(AF A3091 (Stout) and (AF B103)..

10 February 1954 - He was released from the Reserve (AF B200d).

30 June 1959 - He was discharged from reserve liability (AF B200d).

He was awarded various campaign etc medals: - 1939-45 Star, Italy Star,
Africa Star and Clasp 1st Army, War Medal 1939/45 and the Defence Medal (AF

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From: stuart churchill
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:31 PM
Subject: [DEV]


A member mentioned this link recently, for obtaining WW2 records, I was
wondering if anybody has any experience of this service and what type of
information they received? I have my Grandads army service book, which
contains lots of his army history, I was wondering if it was worth paying
out the £30?

Also I need to order a copy of his death certificate, so could sks provide
me with the index for his death certificate,I would really appreciate it,

Frederick Henry Churchill, died 31 Jan 1963 at Bideford.

many thanks

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