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From: Charani <>
Subject: Re: [DEV] Family Search Org.
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 22:00:19 +0000
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Joy wrote:
> Hi folks
> Thank you for your help...all of you. Something interesting (?)
> happened. Cathy Gilbert (also from Australia) wrote to say she tried the IGI
> and got exactly the same response as mine...nix. Does this mean the
> Australian connection is the problem? No, it wouldn't be our individual
> ISPs...Cathy's Optusnet and I am Bigpond, both Australian ISPs. I tried,
> yesterday, to click into 'Contact us' at the bottom of the page, but the
> moment my mouse touched it, it flew off the page! Strange. Very strange.
> Perhaps Data Miner has overstepped the mark and shot all of us in Oz instead
> of just me?<g>

A data miner is a *type* of cookie. It can't do what you're saying is
happening. If I didn't have my PC locked down, I can guarantee that I
would have at least one data miner cookie simply from just surfing the
net. They're easily removed just by emptying (deleteing) the contents
of your temp and temp internet files.

Contact your nearest LDS FHC (which should be in the phone book), tell
them what's happening because it could be that there *is* a problem
somewhere between Australia and the servers for the site.

Charani (UK)

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