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From: "Peter Armstrong" <>
Subject: Re: [DEV] Medical help
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 07:16:40 +0100

Hi - some help

Firstly, general guidance. On a death certificate 1a is the direct cause of death. It is caused by 1b which is caused by 1c if these are also present on the certificate. Anything under 2 is a significant cause of illness, but unrelated to the direct cause of death.

So in this case :
1a. Pulmonary emboli [blood clots that have formed elsewhere in the body, dtetached and travelled in the bloodstream to the lungs]
1b Cor pulmonale [a form of heart failure]
1c Mitral stenosis [ narrowing of the mitral valve, which is situated between the atrium and ventricle of the right side of the heart, through which blood must travel to reach the lungs]
2 Epilepsy [but in this case epilepsy was not a factor in the cause of death]

Peter Armstrong, Newton Abbot, Devon

> Cause of Death:
> 1. (a) Pulmonary Emboli
> (b) Cor. Pulmonale
> (c) Mitral Stenosis
> 2. Epilepsy
> What do they all mean, and could the epilepsy be as a result of the
> conditions above?

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