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From: "Terry Blackmore" <>
Subject: Re: [DEV] "Lost Cousins" Think first before entering your information
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 09:12:22 +0100
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Hi Frances

I'm not condemning the site. Just advising people to wait and see what
happens when it becomes available to the Public. Not saying that it is, but
it would not be the first or last site in the world of Family History that
has begun by inviting people to make entries to the site, by offering a
sprat to catch a mackerel, so that in the future they can open up with lots
of info for free to them, then charge everyone for access, and information.
If you have been in Family History on the internet anywhere near as
long as I have, you would be like me very weary of every new site that
appears. For a site to be any use it has to in my opinion prove itself
before I use it. Seen it too many times in the past to trust every internet
site that appears. They sound good, but a ".com" costs money to run and no
one likes to pay out money for the rest of us users. I know of any number of
people over the years who have paid out, and got back exactly nothing for
their money.
My view is still the same wait and see what happens when it opens up to
the Public.
Answers, and replies should not be to DEVON-L on this subject which is
really off topic, but to me off list.

Regards Terry

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Subject: RE: [DEV] "Lost Cousins" Think first before entering your

> Terry, before you condemn this site as it stands, the only info that is on
> there, is that on the on-line version of the 1881 census, not the CD
> version. You put on the info that connects to your family, either as a
> direct ancestor, blood relation or by marriage and nobody else, sees what
> you put on. The link is made when there are two matches.
> So none of it actually comes from your work, other than deciding who fits
> into your family.
> We also have a "buddies" system, which I have joined, where a site member
> having difficulty finding a person, and this is not necessarily from the
> 1881 census, but can be from another period. Several members have been
> helped this way. This system is via e-mail.
> Hope this helps? As Maggie says, if you join you might be able to find
> rellies on there, and like Maggie I am always happy to make a referral.
> Frances
> PS Yes, I know it is better to be wary, I certainly was, but as I said
> nobody else sees what you put on and only from the on-line version of the
> 1881 which is easily accessible.
> > ----------
> > I looked at this site and it has restricted access.
> > Basically to people
> > only referred by others, i.e. friends and relations. It isn't open to
> > general public. Often with sites as such, there an ulterior
> > motive, in that
> > you do the research, and they eventually profit from your hard work.
> > many such sites appear before over the years, they look promising, and a
> > possible good source of research, but mostly disappear after a
> > short while,
> > or cost money to use, and one gets no real return for adding their
> > information.
> > I recommend that one waits until the site is as it says it will be
> > "Open to the General Public", then see what is available for free, or
> > the cost is, before entering any of your information.
> > Remember it's your information, there is always someone
> > looking to make
> > a profit from your work for free.
> >
> > Regards Terry Blackmore
> >
> > ----------
> > > Ever wondered if the folks on this list are related without knowing
> > >
> > > Have discovered the new website and entered my
> > Devon
> > > rellies on it - if anyone else would like a referral let me know - who
> > knows,
> > > we might be related!!
> > >
> > > Maggie
> > >
> > > Mail to bouncing because of AOL spam filters?
> > > Please try
> > > Thanks
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