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From: "Terry Leaman" <>
Subject: Re: Will of Mary Collins, Exeter, 1771 (Was: [DEV] PCC Devon Wills)
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 16:42:52 +0100
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Trveor , it saddens me as well, but that is the way the system works in
England- the will of a person is private property- even when you apply for a
copy of a will from the Probate office you're only getting a copy of a copy,
albeit if a fairly recent will then you normally get a photocopy, of a
photocopy of the original.
The other major problem we have is that when land is sold and the details
are first registered at the Land Registry, then after registration the old
deeds are no longer required and are often disposed of- a great loss to
history and family historians, what people don't realise is that the local
County record office will accept and store these documents if they're
offered to them. Or you get an instance oft related in this area of the old
lady many years ago who was asked if she had the deeds relating to her
house,as it was believed it was possibly a property owned by the Abbey at
Torre, said that as they were all in foreign and she couldn't read them she
burnt them:-))

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Subject: Will of Mary Collins, Exeter, 1771 (Was: [DEV] PCC Devon Wills)

> I'm not familiar with the English probate system, but it seems that a
> lot of English Wills (and Deeds) are floating around among collectors. How
> do people obtain these original Wills, and why weren't they kept with
> central authority, such as the Church, or more recently in Record Offices?
> I am surprised to run into these unique documents, which to me are
> of a countries heritage (Deeds), or Family History (Wills). It's sad and
> alarming to see them drifting through private hands - like this one on
> I have no interest in the above Will, but it seems to me it belongs in
> the Devon Record Office not in some private collectors hands.
> How do these documents get out in the public's hands like this?
> Trevor Western
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