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From: "Nicolas Jouault" <>
Subject: [DEV] Joseph Charles Eager may have been at Tavistock 1851
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 21:36:19 +0100

I found a fascinating account of the life of Joseph Charles Eager
born 28th Dec. 1838? he was born whilst his fathers vessel the "Tigress" of Plymouth
was entering the English Channel on a voyage from Sierra Leone to London.
His mother died in 1840 and his father with his vessel in 1851. He was
raised by an Uncle a retired Naval Lieut. and Aunt in Tavistock, Joseph had
an elder brother who was educated at Greenwich School and joined the Navy.
Joseph left his Uncle and joined up with some Gypsies and was cared for
by A German woman.
At Shoreham, Sussex he was to join the "Blue Eyed Maid"
of Jersey, Captain Kent, she was unloading a cargo of oysters for the
London market. Joseph's wage was 5 shillings a week. The "Blue Eyed Maid"
fished for oysters off Gorey (east coast of Jersey) from 1848 to 1854 it
was not unusual to see three or four hundred vessels of Gorey involved in
the oyster trade.
Joseph was wrecked three times in 9 months, His last wreck was the "Grace" of Jersey which sunk between Hartland Point and Lundy.
He Served in WW I at the age of 77. One day they came under fire and a
nearby worker De Fresne (Du Fresne) of Jersey was killed by a bomb, one landed at the
foot of Josephs pole whereupon Joseph picked it up got his cutters and cut the wire, in doing this he saved the lives of several others.

Joseph married a Fanny Quenault of Jersey and had children in 1871 he was living at Havre des Pas, Jersey

Joseph had a son

George Philip James Corser Eager, born
Abt. 1871 in Grouville, Jersey.

Joseph said he was born in 1838 in the account he gave, yet on the census it is 1848, either way he could be on a census in 1851 in Tavistock. I would be interested in finding out who is Uncle and Aunt were also.

Cheers Nick from Jersey

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