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From: "The Forsters" <>
Subject: Re: (DEV) re missing out on returning replies
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 12:13:28 +1200
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I can try and assist those of you as I am a Listowner for a couple of lists.
In my case I have the name of the List inserted automatically and had no
complaints from AOL users.

If you wish to set up a folder on "Outlook Express do the following:
DO NOT open message.highlight it in the inbox..go to Tools/Message
Rules/Mail...and another box will open you then click on "New" and another
box will open with a lot of explanations which you click on. Suggest you
click on the first where it says" ...To Line that..a blue wording
opens at the button "contains people" click on the blue words and yet
another box opens.....this will take you to a button Address Book click and
find your Devon address in it.......then click ok and you will find it has
changed the "contains people"
then find the wording "Move to Specified Folder" and Create a new folder
called Devon (don't forget to click OK.........You should now have a message
rule set up.

Hope this helps for those of you who have problems.......Also could we
finish this thread please...It does not seem to relate to Genealogy

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Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 3:49 AM
Subject: (DEV) re missing out on returning replies

> Another alternative would be to set up an individual folder for Devon L
> incoming email in our Inbox, for those who use Outlook Express as their
> email program, and Internet Explorer as their browser.
> That way, when mail comes from Devon L it goes directly into its own
> and is highlighted when email is there. These Individual folders line up
> the left side of the screen, directly below Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, and
> Deleted Items.
> For people on several lists, a folder can be set up for each separate
> list. This way, the mail in these individual folders is kept separate
> the "general inbox".
> Individual folders like this can be set up for each person that you hear
> from often, - for example, one for each friend who sends many emails,
> thing for relatives. It's very convenient.
> Now I should take my own advice and try to remember how to do this : )
> young friend set these Individual folders up for me initially, and I
> done this in the past, but when my computer was upgraded last summer, I
> never set this up again. Am always surprised at how few people seem to
> have heard of this when I mention it. Is there anyone onlist who has
> used this method, who can give us a "crash course" on setting this up?
> thanks
> Alandra in B.C. Canada
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