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From: "Jim Rogers" <>
Subject: Re: Missing out on returning replies - Alternative suggestion
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 23:45:01 +0100
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Hi All,
A similar provision is made in Outlook Express under the drop down menu
'Tools' then 'Message Rules'. Using these I am able to set up conditions
that sort e-mails into various folders that I create. It seems that most
e-mail programmes have devices of a similar nature except AOL which I also
have installed. AOL seems to lack this level sophistication and concerns
itself more with Parental Controls and measures for blocking mails from
particular undesirable domains.
Best wishes,Jim Rogers.
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From: "George Ching" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2002 2:29 PM
Subject: Re: Missing out on returning replies - Alternative suggestion

> I haven't followed this thread since it began, so forgive me if this has
> already been suggested.
> My incoming mail is filtered for messages from mailing lists, and the
> messages sent to their own folders. This is quite simple to do in
> Netscape, and presumably in IE. In Netscape, go to Edit, Message
> filters, create the folders ( e.g. Devon, London, etc.), then set up a
> filter that looks for "Devon-L" in the "to". Tell it to send messages to
> the Devon folder, and then all your mail from the list will go into its
> own folder.
> I hope this helps somebody,
> Geroge Ching
> Brampton, Ontario
> wrote:
> >Hi All
> > I've had so many replies on the subject that it's becoming
impossible to
> >answer them all. Seems we all are having the same problem. Consensus
seems to
> >be that if (DEV) was automatically added to the Subject the problem would
> >much reduced. Perhaps Brian Randall might consider setting this up.
> >
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