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From: "Sharon J. Yokaitis" <>
Subject: Re: Rootsweb in the S.F. Chronicle
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 06:37:18 -0500
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It is worth noting that the California Birth records that were easily searchable

on Rootsweb began in the 1910s and went through 1995. Therefore, it is quite
likely that the majority of people listed are still alive. If it were before
1900, there would likely be no difficulty.

Also, the records include mother's maiden surname and father's surname. As you
can imagine, one can easily figure out at least some cases of "illegitimacy"
with a keystroke.

Having said all that, these are public records under California law. If a
record has been sealed for privacy reasons at the request a party or by order of

court, it does not appear in the database. I would personally vote to allow the

publication of the info to continue.

I raise these points to try to compare it with the situation in GB and Devon, in


Sharon Yokaitis in Boston (born in Los Angeles)


> Hi All
> It does look as though there is some problems arising over commercial
> companies using freely given data. The original of the above message, and
> some of those recently from other sources seems to confirm people are making
> complaints in this direction. Makes one wonder in what direct Family History
> Research in the Devon area and elsewhere is going to be allowed to take in
> the future.
> Terry Blackmore
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