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From: "Family Tree - Henwood" <>
Subject: Re: 1881 Census occupations
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 23:22:53 +0100
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You are referring to an official of the about-to-be outlawed country pastime
of Fox-Hunting. Fox-Hounds, under the Master of Fox-Hounds, hunted in
packs. Such a body of dogs needed someone to keep them in order - so a paid
official of each hunt was appointed for this task - the "Whipper In".

An Annuitant is someone receiving an Annuity. Whether there are annuitities
which pay out to other members of a family at the same time I don't know.
I'm an annuitant myself - on my death my wife will receive a pension - she
could then be termed as an Annuitant's wife. If we still had young children
my wife would have got additional pension - would it be right to refer to
them as Annuitant's Sons/Daughters?

David Henwood

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Subject: 1881 Census occupations

> I know someone out there has a list of definitions and may have the answer
> to this one.......Occupation is listed as "Whipper In" and his wife as a
> Whipper In's wife!
> Am I correct in saying that an Annuitant is receiving an
> annual income of some sort from somewhere and if her two eldest daughters
> are Annuitants daughters they also receive some or part of this
> income........younger children just listed as scholars etc. as per usual.
> Best regards
> Jane, Ottawa
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