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From: "lionhouse" <>
Subject: The past in ourselves
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 17:49:48 +0100

Amirah Blackmore isn`t a bad handle either !! Thanks for your e-mail.
Another lister today or yesterday, I think Lora in Wisconsin, but am often
wrong, said she had never heard of a Rag and Bone man and that she loved
history lessons.
It is humbling to know that at 56 I am living history, I still think
of myself as young-ish but my generation`s experiences are now part of GCSE
school work. My mother at 87 not only remembers her early childhood but the
stories told to her by my grandmother of things that happened 100 years ago.
But you have to be 50 to actually have the time and patience to listen and
record, oddly for all the modern technology, our lives are busier and we are
too sophisicated to be interested in the minutiae of daily life. Who
remembers the scissor and knife sharpening man who came round on his bicycle
with the circular grinding stone which he attached to the rear wheel and he
used to pedal away sharpening knives scissors shears anything. Now we throw
a blunt old knife away and buy a new one. Sadly only my grandmother now
long dead would remember the sharpening man`s name.
The idea of a daily note of your life seems a good one and one which
you need not feel egotistical about. I feel silly writing about the ice on
the inside of my childhood bedroom window, because it happened to everybody,
but children today would be taken into care if ice was found inside their
bedroom windows !!!! Mind you, I didn `t know anyone with asthma or any
breathing difficulties. I once asked an old lady if , living as a child in
Lowestoft, she remembered the first aeroplane she ever saw. She said she
didn`t but she did remember seeing the Zeppelins coming over !!! Small
things , insignificant in themselves but a part of what it was like back
Salaam indeed.

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