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From: "Eddie and Wendy Buchanan" <>
Subject: Re: The past in ourselves
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 19:26:28 +0900
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Dear Mary
I have a CROCKER. Elizabeth Emma Kingwill married Frederick Crocker. She was
born in 1856 and died 1936. Her parents were John Mortimore Kingwill and
Elizabeth Mogridge Tozer.They opened a butcher shop in _ inner St.
Paignton. (I can't read the first letter) they had 8 children 6sons 2
daughters. 1 son died in infancy and 1 Sydney Francis was drowned aged about
3 in a water but. the shock of this made Elizabeth lose her speech which she
recove3red later when her husband John cut himself badly with a butcher's
cleaver. Their elder daughter was Elizabeth Emma. Hope this helps let me
know. Wendy Buchanan Japan
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Subject: Re: The past in ourselves

> I too can add to that.
> We used to have "Jack Frost" on the window panes and were in trouble if we
> melted little round holes with our finger tips in case we broke the
> Children wore combinations to keep out the cold and gaiters over our socks
> and shoes.
> After the war I went to stay with my cousin who had moved to a little
> village in Dorset. No electric light until my father wired them up. They
> had their water pumped by hand at the kitchen sink from the well in the
> garden. To keep the well at working level they had to pump it, by hand
> again, from the village well up the street. All this with a young baby,
> having moved out of a town. What privation! And of course a privy in the
> garden.
> When I was first married - 1960, I looked forward in the winter to the
> washing freezing as it dried more quickly. We couldn't afford a fridge so
> in the summer the milk bottles went in a pail of water in a cool place.
> made cheese if it turned. This was usually at blackcurrant time and the
> combination of them with unsalted cottage cheese is wonderful.
> Yes I can remember the 'rag and bone' man and he used to live in a small
> stone hut I believe and controlled the sluices to Lodmoor Marsh at
> Mary ()
> in beautiful Dorset
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> Cornwall PANTER
> Somerset HART, STOATE
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