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From: Brian Randell <>
Subject: Devon Surname Aliases
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 10:29:14 +0000


Mike Brown, of Dartmoor Press, has provided GENUKI/Devon with a very
interesting essay on "Some Devon Surname Aliases" and index.

Quoting from Mike's Introduction:

"The Index below has been compiled from a variety of documentary
sources, but principally from registers and wills. It is now being
made available via the GENUKI website in the hope that the entries
might provide enquirers with some useful clues to surnames to
consider in trying to unravel the genealogy of the families
concerned. And also so that others with a general interest in this
subject can see what aliases have been discovered in various records
which have been consulted.

The Index is solely of true aliases, rather than alternative spelling
forms which are purely phonetic in origin, which latter were
occasionally written as aliases in some sources. So-called aliases
used in manorial documents are also excluded, for the term alias was
used in them only in order to identify the maiden names of lives in
three life leases.
I have for some time held a fascination for surname aliases, and over
the past couple of years or so have made a particular point of noting
and indexing them when they have been found. One of the initial aims
of compiling such an Index - but one which has not really been
achieved! - was to try and identify the origins of some of the
aliases. But it has to be said that these remain something of a
mystery in the vast majority of instances."

The article can be found via the GENUKI/Devon main page, under
"Names, Personal". Its actual URL is:


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