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From: "jack steer" <>
Subject: Re: Parish registers on microfiche
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 14:37:37 -0800

Have been unable to comment on any issues for over a week due to computer
problems and have only just seen the comments from David Teague, Brian
Randell et al. Couple of points of clarification:-
1. I was aware of this change in diocesan policy last November- I believe
from a message on the list - so like him am a little surprised that it did
not merit more explanation or enthusiasm in the DFHS journal. The recent
change is due to the staff of the DRO obtaining a second agreement from most
parishes to a general dispensation rather than having to make individual
2. Purchase of such copies is quite expensive - West Alvington is 77.00 for
example. Which is why I've had to save my pennies and have only just sent
the cheques. Most of that cost is due to the fees payable to the PCC. Did
not even know that I was going to be permitted to get a copy until a day or
two ago, as agreement had to be sought from each parish individually. Most
new applicants will not have to go through that hoop.
3. The registers that can be bought do not include the marriage registers
post 1837 - they are the not the property of the church.
4. Unless the DRO is in a different position to record offices in other
counties the original legal agreement was between the County Council and the
diocese. The County Record Office is part of the overall County Council
structure and staff there would simply enter into agreements on the
Council's behalf.
The County staff involved in obtaining this new agreement is to be
congratulated on the foresight and on the work necessary to bring it about.
It is something we shall all appreciate in the future.
I think it's great.


Jack Steer

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