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From: "Jenny Saddington" <>
Subject: Re: help please
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 16:36:07 -0000
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No suggestions I'm afraid but it sounds like a damn cheek, a scam and a rip
Best of luck

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Subject: help please

> Hi everyone,
> I'm hoping someone out there has some ideas which might just save us a lot
> money.
> My husband has received a letter from a company of ' International Probate
> Genaelogists' saying that he is probably entitled to a share of an estate
> an unnamed person.The only clue they give is that it is a distant relative
> his late mother.
> The trouble is they want nearly 40% of any inheritance that he might get,
> which sounds rather too high a percentage.Unless we sign a legal form
> promising to pay them this amount they will refuse to give us any
> I've tried our local reference library who were very sympathetic but could
> not offer any advice other than consult a solicitor.
> Does anyone know of any national publication where solicitors might
> for beneficiaries? As we don't know who died we can't be sure it's in
> it could be anywhere.
> Hoping someone has some ideas.
> Thanks.
> Linda
> Somerset.

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