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Subject: Re: travel
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:56:12 -0000

People moved around a lot . ..

I have a bloke who was born, apprenticed and married for the first
time in Exeter in 1863. He married for the second time in 1869 at
Christchurch "in the county of Southampton". His peregrinations
after that can be seen from the births of his eight or more children .

1870 Christchurch
1873 Bristol
1875 Newport, Monmouthshire
1876 Bridgend, Wales
1879 Pennington, Lancashire
1881 Liverpool
1883 Liverpool
1885 Christchurch again

I imagine people without much money walked or perhaps hitched
lifts with carriers' carts or farm wagons? In Romania in the 1970s
the rural roads were thick with ox-carts which often had one or
more 'passengers' in the back. I imagine it might have been similar
in rural England before motorised traffic became the norm. Most of
the carts were probably not going much further than the next village
or the local market town but the drivers would probably have been
glad of the company and some small change for their trouble.


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