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From: Brian Randell <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 11:37:33 +0100

Hi Sandy:

>I have recently been helping with the 1830 Pigots indexing and enjoyed it
>Just a comment re further indexing. Is there anything 18th centaury that we
>can index??. We already have the wonderful 1851 and 1881 census. Which help
>enormously to get back to 1800ish.
>But is there any sources that could be indexed pre 1800??. I live in
>Australia so don't have access to the record offices. Is there any very
>early 1800 or pre 1800 directories that we could index to help us get back
>that bit further. I just feel whilst having further census's indexed would
>be nice, having something more earlier would be helpful too. I research in
>about 10 counties and Devon seems the most difficult with no access here to
>films of actual PR's and most of the wills being destroyed. (And my Devon
>lot seem the most interesting too !! VBG )

I'm not sure about coverage of Devon in early directories - I'll check when
I have my records to hand.

However, the one record type that comes immediately to mind is the Land Tax
Records. These are already available in microfim form for many Devon
parishes at LDS Family History Libraries, and can cover fifty years in many
cases. (You can check which exist using the online Family History Library
catalogue -

To date there is just one set available on line that I know of - that
provided to GENUKI/Devon recently for Shirwell by Roy Conibear. See:

(One day I'll finish my transcription of the Clovelly ones.)

These records come under the recently relaxed rules concerning crown
copyright in public records, so there are no impediments to their
transcription or publication.

Another possibility is to contact the Devon County Archivist, mentioning my
name if you wish, and offer your services - asking his advice as to what
transcribable public records are available in the Devon Record Office on
microfilm or microfiche that you cvould purchase at reasonable cost, and
which he would encourage you to transcribe.

His name and address:

Mr J.M. Draisley,
County Archivist,
Devon Record Office,
Castle Street,


Brian Randell

PS And don't forget my ongoing Devon Indexing Project - see

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