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From: Doreen Heaton <>
Subject: Re: multiple replies
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 98 00:19:29 GMT

Why do so many people, when replying to queries etc, send their replies to
the list rather than to the author of the query. I can understand this if
the answer is likely to be of general interest but very often it is only of
interest to the person who posed the question. It is a little annoying to
get 20 or 30 messages and find that several relate to the same topic in
which one has no interest.

I wrote in similar vein a few weeks back and was told by one
person not to be so stroppy - or words to that effect.
It is very time consuming, annoying, and it costs money.

Please send private replies to the individual and not the list, as one
would do if using the Post Office.

Regards to all from a certainly not stroppy

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Northmore/Narramore/Larramore & variants

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