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From: "djweber" <>
Subject: Re: [Ortenau] Searching for KEIFER ancestors from OFFENBURG
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 12:12:51 -0600
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After your original question on the B-W List, I imagine I did the same rough
investigation as you. I went to the <
>, looked at the town of Urloffen, then went on to Dan Bravard's identified
page at < >. From having been at
that page before, I knew that Dan's Kieffer ancestors preceded my search in
time, as I remembered his connection was of the late 1600s. Wanda Ridge had
offered you some details after the B-W message but that ring/group did have
a couple of other Kieffer/Kiefer entries and perhaps someone there might
help you.

I had told you that after I had found my connection to Kieffer in the
1703-1705 period that I had attemptd to work a downward tree from that
family (of Jakob Kieffer and Margaretha Saur who is a daughter and sister of
two of my direct ancestors) but that family tree is only about 4 to 5
generations and I have practically no information into the 1800s, let alone
your 1844 birth year.

My group of Extended Films at my local LDS have been decimated as a result
of the lack of space there and the large volume of use at that LDS FHC. I
have left only about twenty-five per cent of the films I once had but that
remaining amount includes fours rolls of Urloffen Church Registers films,
none of which are late enough in time to give you any answers. I do not
have any middle 1800s records but....

film 0949963 does include an index for baptisms from 1786-1900 according to
the LDS catalog. In checking that film for the year 1844, the baptistm of a
Ludovika Kiefer is identified. By then the name Kieffer had varied down to
Kiefer and while "Ludovika" would not be the exact logical and normal
spelling, it is a variant on the feminine of the masculine name
Ludovic/Ludwig (Louis) and in America, could have been Louise.

You need to check into LDS film 0949964 to confirm the baptism/birth and
determine the parents.

As for the marriage of the parents, without the baptismal record identifying
the exact parents, there is no roll of film which would help. Also, we
don't know if your Louise Kiefer was the first or the fifteenth child born
of the marriage so we don't know how long the parents were married prior to
her 1844 birth.

However, from another index, this time for marriages, we do know that in
1843 a Bernard (probably Bernhard) Kiefer and a Monica Reinbold (perhaps
Rheinbold) were married in Urloffen but in the prior several years, other
Kiefer males married women named Maria Anna, Maria Anna and Maria Magdalena.
We are still at the point where you need to research those Urloffen films
unless someone on this List or through Dan's contacts happens to have a
connection for you.


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