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Subject: Re: DERHAM-D Digest V00 #4
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 23:27:42 EST

Hi, I'm John Spellman Derham. I currently live in Marietta, GA which is
right outside of Atlanta. I was born in Worcester, MA and was brought up in
Uxbridge, MA.

My Great Grandfather Thomas Joseph Derham came to the USA in 1863. He was a
textile engineer and immediately went to work at Drapper Mills in Hopedale,
MA. His wife's name was Bridgett Kelley and they had three children. Joseph
Thomas, the youngest son, my Grand father was 5 when they arrived from
Ireland. They lived in both the Galway and Sligo areas.

The story goes that two Derham brothers lived in Norfork, England in an area
that was a game preserve controlled by the Duke. I believe that it was some
where near the current town of East Deerham. Apparently these two brothers
got into a little problem with the Duke and decided that they might be better
off if they got out of town so they went to Ireland in about 1535 to get into
the "inport/export" business.

To cover both sides of Ireland, one brother (my line) settled in Galway and
the other brother covered the eastern shore by moving to Skerries.
I have met members of the Skerrie clan and the physical resemblance is strong
enough to make you realize the genes don't lie.

Well, that's about all the interesting stuff from the GA Derhams. I wait to
hear more about the rest of the Derhams/Dyrhams. I have found three
derivations of the name Derham (England), DeRham (Norman), DerHam(Germany).
I have even found a Van Derham who is Swiss but has a Polish gene pool. Just
keeps getting more interesting all the time but there certainly are not a lot
of us.

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