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From: Marvin Denny <>
Subject: Re: [DENNEY] Illinois Dennys 1790 - 1850
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 11:30:46 -0700 (PDT)
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>From the 1850 census, it looks like to me that most were from New England by a
wide margin., of course, makes it difficult to sort the data in
any logical way so an exact count is hard to make. Wish there were some way to
get them to simply display the search results in a spreadsheet so that we could
sort them in ways that make sense.


From: Barbara Denny George <>
Sent: Wed, September 1, 2010 7:32:40 PM
Subject: [DENNEY] Illinois Dennys 1790 - 1850

Hi Researchers!

The kids are back in school the weather SHOULD start getting cooler,
so dig out the genealogy and let's see some action on this list.
Let's get a discussion going on the Dennys we know that lived in
Illinois between 1790 and 1850.

First a little Illinois history.
In the 1700's, there were some French settlements and a lot of Indian
villages with some fur traders going back and forth. The Treaty of
Paris in 1763 ceded the land to Britain who didn't do much with it.
After the American Revolution the land was part of Virginia until it
became the Northwest Territory in 1790 where no census was taken.
It became it's own territory in 1809 and a state in 1818. When the
Erie Canal opened in 1825 rapid growth took place. A great majority of
these early pioneers were of English and Scotch-Irish decent who
previously lived in KY, TN, the Carolinas and VA. They were young
adults, newlyweds or couples in their late twenties and early
thirties. Most of them were poor and depended on farming to survive.

Here are some names I will throw out there to get us started.

Harden Weatherford Denny b. 1826 Morgan, Illinois. Does anyone know
his parents or siblings?

Jacob B. Denny, b. KY, lived in Illinois, married 3 times:
1. Martha Jane Youngblood
2. Sarah Weatherford
3. Jane A. in Arkansas

Does anyone know his children by any or all of these wives?

Michael Denny b. 1800 lived in Orego Precinct, Ogle, IL in the 1840's
married Elizabeth McCormick. Does anyone know more about them?

Who are other Denney/Dennis/Dennehey/etc. who lived in IL between 1790
and 1850.


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