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From: "Mary Heaphy" <>
Subject: Lands
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 14:56:51 -0000

1803. To let for 3 years - 159 acres in Fishmoyne. Apply to Theobald
Butler of Fishmoyne.

1816. To let:- Drom House - 50a. in the house division. Lands lately held
by William Russell and Ed. Fanning; McDonnells farm - 50a; Killedra -
50a - held by Dan Ryan. Proposals to James Fogarty of Clonismullen, Con
Cahill of Rathleasty and Phil Cahill, attorney in Dublin.

1677. (18th Ch. II) Grant to Theobald Mathew (Thurles) and his heirs for
ever of the lands of Coolcroo, Two-Mile-Borris and Athshanboy (Upperchurch).


Grant to John Grace, and his heirs for ever, the castle, town and lands of
Brittas; also lands in Athshanboy. Upperchurch.

1630. Richard Oge Bourke of Barracurra, Ballycahill, died 1630. Redmond
Bourke, his great grand nephew, - at a later date got the lands as his heir.
Some rent out of lands was paid to the Duke of Ormond.

Armstrongs:- William Armstrong came to Ireland in 1670 and settled in the
old castle at Farney Bridge, on a lease granted by Duke of Ormond. He was
Capt. of a troop of horse attached to the Tipperary Miliatia in 1688. He
married Alice, daughter of Sir Thomas Deane of Suffolk.

1757. Lease by John Damer for 31 years to Con Cahill, of Rathleasty - 157a,
formerly held by Cahill, Hanly and Butler.

Mount Alt Ballycahill, 80acres to be let for a term of years; house only
built a few years; also part of lands of Annefield. Apply to Thomas
Lanigan, Castlefogarty.

1815. Purchased in recent years:-

(1) Annefield by John Byrne of Dublin for £15,000.

(2) Graigpadden, Moyne, Tullamac James, Barrettstown, Cabra, and
Gatterstown - the whole lot - by Nicholas Maher of Dublin for £40,000.

(3) Boulick near Littlefield - by John Byrne (Dublin) for £15,000.

(4) Property near Thurles town by T. Kirwan for £9000.

(5) Property near Thurles town by Thomas Ryan for £6000.

(6) John Lalor of Crannagh bought Longorchard for £6000, and Anameadle for


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