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This came to another list I'm on...I know nothing else about it. Found it interesting, especially since several of my surnames are on it. :)

Volunteer Soldiers in the Cherokee War 1836-1839

Mountain Press


Soft cover, copyright 1995, 8.5" x 11", Index, 206 pages. A listing of over
11,000 volunteers from Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama who
signed on for the Removal program of the Cherokee Indians to their western
homes. This listing includes women for the first time. This alphabetical
listing shows names, rank, state and unit in which they served. According to
the publisher: "The enclosed material is an alphabetical listing of the
volunteer soldiers who served during the Cherokee disturbances or removal
which has come to be known as the Cherokee Wars - 1836 - 1839. We have
reproduced and made into one single listing four different rolls of film
listing those soldiers from North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.
"These are listings found in the Adjutant General's Office files of Compiled
Service Records of the soldiers listed in Group 94 of the records. The
original records were filed under the muster rolls of each unit and these
have been carefully checked and made into individual flies and listed
alphabetically in the National Archives. For those soldiers who were in the
regular Army, their records will be listed In the Registers of Enlistment's
found in files M-233. "For many of these men, there are additional files in
the National Archives as pensions and Bounty Land Warrants were issued to
many of these men as per their or their widow's request. Those records maybe
obtained in the normal manner as other military service records. "In our
listing, we have included the information as found on the jacket envelope
listed for each man. This gives only his name, rank, unit and they are
microfilmed under the state headings for their units. We have added this
latter information implied from the reel heading and not found on each
envelope. "One very interesting item in these records are the listings of
three women all found in Lindsay's Georgia Mounted Militia. They are given
the rank of "matron". These are Rebecca Greer, Mary Smith and Polly Wright.
If these were given pension credit, we cannot say." Partial List of Surnames:
Adams, Adkins, Alexander, Allen, Alley, Allison, Anderson, Anthony,
Armstrong, Arnold, Atchley, Austin, Autry, Ayres, Bacon, Bagwell, Bailey,
Baird, Baker, Bales, Baley, Ballard, Banks, Barber, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett,
Bartlett, Barton, Bates, Bayless, Beall, Bean, Beard, Bell, Bennett, Bently,
Benton, Berry, Bibb, Bible, Biggs, Billingsley, Bishop, Bivins, Black,
Blackstock, Blackwell, Blair, Blake, Blakely, Blanton, Blevins, Boling,
Bolinger, Bond, Bonner, Boon, Borden, Bostwick, Bowen, Bowling, Bowman, Boyd,
Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Brakebill, Bramlett, Brandon, Branham,
Brannon, Brannum, Bray, Breedlove, Brewer, Brewster, Bright, Brittain,
Broadway, Brock, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Brumley, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan,
Bullock, Burgin, Burk, Burnett, Burns, Burris, Burrows, Bush, Buster, Butler,
Butram, Byrd, Cagle, Cain, Caldwell, Calloway, Cameron, Camp, Campbell,
Cannon, Cantrell, Cape, Carden, Cardin, Carlton, Carr, Carroll, Carson,
Carter, Casey, Cash, Casteel, Casy, Cates, Chadwell, Chafin, Chambers,
Champion, Chandler, Chapman, Cherry, Childers, Chiles, Chitwood, Christian,
Clark, Clayton, Cleveland, Clifton, Cloud, Cobb, Cochran, Cofer, Coffey,
Coker, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Compton, Conner, Cook, Cooper,
Copeland, Corbett, Cornett, Couch, Cowan, Coward, Cox, Craig, Crawford,
Crichfield, Crisp, Cross, Crow, Crudgington, Cunningham, Daniel, Daniels,
Davidson, Davis, Dawson, Dearmon, Deathrage, Denton, Derrick, Dickerson,
Dickson, Dobbs, Dodd, Dodson, Duckett, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunn, Dyer, Easter,
Edmondson, Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, England, Erwin, Evans, Farmer, Farris,
Ferguson, Fields, Finley, Fleming, Fletcher, Ford, Forester, Forrester,
Foster, Fowler, Fox, Franklin, Frazier, Freeman, Fry, Fryer, Fuller,
Furgeson, Galbraith, Galloway, Gamble, Garner, Garrison, Gentry, Gibbs,
Gibson, Gillespie, Gilliam, Gilliland, Gipson, Glass, Glasscock, Goodman,
Goodwin, Gordon, Goss, Graham, Grant, Graves. Gray, Grayson, Green, Greene,
Greer, Gregory, Griffith, Grisham, Gross, Guthrie, Hail, Hale, Hall,
Hamilton, Haney, Hannah, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harvey, Hatfield,
Hawkins, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Heard, Helton, Hembree, Henderson, Henry,
Hensley, Hickman, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hixson, Hodges, Holcomb, Holden,
Holland, Holmes, Holt, Hood, Hooper, Hope, Horton, Howard, Howell, Hudson,
Hughes, Humphreys, Hunt, Hunter, Ingram, Isaacs, Isham, Israel, Jackson,
James, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Justice, Kelley, Kelly,
Kennedy, Kidd, Kilpatrick, King, Kirkpatrick, Knight, Ladd, Lain, Lamb,
Lambert, Lane, Larrimore, Lassater, Lawson, Lay, Ledbetter, Lee, Lewis, Long,
Looney, Love, Lowery, Loyd, Malone, Manes, Marshall, Martin, Mathis, Maxwell,
Mayfield, McBee, McCormack, McCoy, McDaniel, McGinnis, McKay, McKinney,
McNabb, Middleton, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moody, Moor, Moore,
More, Morgan, Morris, Morrow, Mount, Murry, Nail, Neal, Nelson, Nichols,
Nicholson, Norman, Norwood, Orr, Osborn, Owen, Owens, Palmer, Parker, Parks,
Parsons, Patterson, Patton, Payne, Peak, Pearce, Perkins, Peters, Phillips,
Pierce, Poe, Porter, Powell, Price, Queener, Quinn, Ramsey, Ray, Reed,
Reeves, Renfrow, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson,
Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rudd, Runnels, Russell, Rutherford,
Ryan, Sanders, Scarbrough, Scott, Scruggs, Sharp, Shaw, Shepherd, Singleton,
Smallwood, Smith, Snodgrass, Snow, Stafford, Stephens, Stewart, Stone,
Strickland, Stroud, Tate, Tatum, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Tipton,
Tolbert, Townsend, Trammel, Tucker, Turner, Underwood, Upton, Ursery,
Vaughan, Vaughn, Vickory, Wadkins, Walker, Wallace, Walls, Ward, Warren,
Waters, Watson, Wear, Weaver, Webb, Wells, West, Wheeler, White, Wiley,
Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woods, Wright, Yandle, Yarberry, Yates, Young,

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